Property purchasing

Buy properties in Turkey is a leading company in real estate all over the country, and of course there is a strong reason behind it. While our mission and vision is precisely clear to serve our clients with the best quality services, we also feel immense pleasure in helping you understand this. For a foreign investor or in fact anyone, for that matter, it is extremely crucial to know how to buy properties in Turkey. Before convincing you to deal with us, we would be better off explaining how to buy properties in Turkey.

Here are a few tips-

  1. Beware of frauds and cheats

Considering the size of the real estate market in Turkey, it is highly likely that you might fall in the trap of an unlicensed property dealer, who intends to loot your money. It is very important that you stay away from such frauds. For this, always ask for their license, no matter how fancy or huge the company looks. Do not feel embarrassed in doing so.

  1. Location

There are some parts of Turkey, where properties are relatively cheaper than the others. Before you get swayed away with this savings incentive, make sure that the place at which this property is situated is good to dwell in.

  1. Cost

A lot of property dealers will convince you into paying way more than the real cost. For this, it is always recommended to take a second opinion. This happens more if you are new in Turkey and technically have no knowledge of the properties. So, be cautious with this too.

  1. Legality

More than anything else, make sure that you buy a legally approved property from a licensed property dealer. Also, gather information as regards the formalities that have to be fulfilled before completing the purchase.

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