Turkey Property Report

Given its popularity and affordability, British daily found that Turkey is the fifth most attractive destination in the world to buy property. It has been reported that the number of foreigners investing in Turkish properties has risen by 78% in the recent past and the most preferred real estate market in Turkey is Istanbul.

Reports show that among these foreign buyers, the majority of them are the Britons. While it is believed that the Britons love to buy properties in Turkey only during the summer, so that they can enjoy the sun. Official reports also state that in the past one year, there have been many areas in Turkey that have grown into beautiful destinations for buying real estate.

Earlier, it was believed that the Turkish property market remains silent as compared to the real estate in other parts of the world, but shockingly CNBC (in a conversation with,International Property director) revealed that prices of residential property in Turkey have risen by 12.5% since the past 12 months. This is a clear sign that Turkey’s real estate sector is rising like never and soon it will be one of the major contributors in the GDP of the country, second to tourism.

While investors find it really convincing to buy flats, villas, and apartments in Turkey, there is a significant rise in the preference of sea view apartments and beachside apartments. Due to the recent crisis in Spain, people are more inclined to believe that Turkey is way better than Spain and arguably has lesser risks attached to investments. Considering the upstream trend of properties in Turkey, your today’s investment might prove to be the best decision of your life, 5 or 10 years down the line.

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