Viewing trip

At Buy Properties in Turkey, we are always afoot in providing services to our clients that give them the most wonderful experience of real estate. While we provide several after sale services, we also make sure that you are firm in your decision of buying properties with us. For this, we provide the service of Viewing Trips to your purchase destination so that you can have a complete knowledge of the pros and cons of that site.

To make your trip even better, we gladly take the opportunity to provide a trip guide for your purchase destination. Our representative gives you every detail as regards the formalities that need to be covered while buying a property. To help you more in this regard, we personally book your flight tickets, arrange meals at restaurants, make arrangements for your stay in a Villa,Beachfront Apartment or hotel, and provide airport transfers too. Our main motive is to deliver outstanding services and build a strong relationship with our clients.

We realize that staying loyal to our customers is the best way to grow; and thus we take extra initiatives to make sure that the best proximate care is taken of your property. While you are on your viewing trip, we realize the importance of a satisfying seller- buyer relationship. For this, we put in our best efforts to make you feel the most comfortable with our skilled agents, and thus we take the initiative to communicate with you about all your requirements in the property. Our agents personally go with you throughout the viewing trip.

Apart from this, we arrange complimentary meals with you so that you can openly discuss your thoughts as regards the property. We undertake completely transparent services while fulfilling the formalities of the property, so that you know exactly what you are paying for.