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Financing & Mortgage

Turkey has always been a great appeal for those who love nature and desire for tranquility in life. One of the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean Coast, the real estate market of Turkey has flourished like never before. Looking at it from an investment point of view, owning a house in Turkey has never been so easier before.

Buy Properties in Turkey, for the first time ever in the history of real estate, brings to you the best services of Mortgage to finance your property in Turkey. We have joined hands with one of the leading banks in Turkey, Deniz Bank, that offers the services of providing bank mortgages to foreign investors in Turkey. In addition to this, we offer full banking services in setting up your daily banking needs in Turkey. Therefore, this makes us the most preferred real estate dealers when we have with us the best banking partners.

Many times, people tend to change their plans about buying properties due to the inadequacy of funds and bank mortgage seems like a big deal. But now, you can fulfill your dreams of having your own property in Turkey by getting rid of all these obstacles that are restricting you from having your dream home. With our Mortgage Service, domestic as well as foreign investors will be benefited to a great extent. This facility is most beneficial for those foreigners who have a lifelong dream of having their home in Turkey.

Even though a lot of policy changes by the Government have made it easier for the foreign investors to exchange their currency at cheaper rates, still there is some lack in the system due to which many potential buyers are not investing. But according to the experts, now is the perfect time to invest in Turkey's rapidly growing real estate sector.  

Financing your property in an altogether new country is something that one could hardly imagine about. And even if it is being practiced in many countries all over the world, still the restrictions and formalities of this procedure are a headache. This is why foreign investors find it easier to stay away from all this. But with us, and our partners, Deniz Bank, all this procedure has become highly transparent and easier for our customers to understand.

Many banks offer standard variable rate for the repayment of mortgages in EURO for finished properties in Turkey. The most appealing thing about Deniz Bank’s bank mortgage is the fact that they lend loans for a maximum of 65% of the total value of the property, and easy repayment schemes up to a maximum of 15 years. It should be noticed that it is a huge risk for the banks to lend 65% loan for the property, but with our partners, we have a bond of trust and reliability.

At the moment Deniz Bank's interest rate for a mortgage is 5.4%, variable. In simplified words, 40.000 euro  would be enough to buy a 2-bedroom apartment, provided you have 10,000 euro in savings. The best part is the there is no added burden as your monthly mortgage repayment starts from as low as 260 euro, which largely can be covered by the rental income from your investment as Turkish properties have excellent rental potential. In fact, if you buy a property in an urban and developed area, the rental income from these properties could even save you some even after paying for the mortgage. Along with this, the possibilities of capital appreciation in these areas are as guaranteed as the sun and the moon. This means that you get an added advantage at the time of re – selling your property, in which you did not have to do anything apart from keeping hold of your property.

As regards to the kind of property you should invest in, Buy Properties in Turkey is an organization that gives you the detailed analysis as to which investment ideas would suit you the best. We put in our best efforts to enable our clients in having the best knowledge about the investment market, and with our newly found partnership with the Deniz Bank, this whole procedure gets a whole lot easier. Now we have professional advisers and market analyzers with us who will be able to cater your needs in a much better way.

A lot of estate agents in Turkey will not be able to provide this facility of mortgage to foreign investors. And letting go of a wonderful opportunity due to the shortage of funds is a situation someone would never want to land in. So, just to take you out of this crisis, we bring to you the best ever mortgage service in the history of real estate.

With the prominent analysts anticipating the continuing rise of real estate in Turkey for the coming years, it is highly recommended to buy properties in Turkey at this point of time. After a successful year in real estate starting from 2013, a couple of further years are going to witness a boom in real estate in Turkey.

Buy Properties in Turkey is a team of professionals who are highly qualified and skilled at what they do. With an experience of more than 7 years in this industry, we have built a relationship of trust and reliability with all our customers. We are always afoot in giving the best properties to our valued customers, and with our partnership with Deniz Bank, this will now be even more convenient. To make it an experience worth sharing, we make sure that our customers are served in the way they deserve and all their issues are taken care of.

This Mortgage and Financing service is our another endeavor to deliver quality services to our clients.

In case you have any specific queries, feel free to contact us anytime through our contact numbers, or you can also contact us for more information on properties in turkey through our online website portal. We are always there for you at all times. 
































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