Turkey, also popularly known as the gateway to Europe, is a perfect blend of the ancient culture and urban development.  It boasts of an ancient concept of urban development. Hence, from the age old architecture to the magnificent industries, from assorted herbs and kebabs to the special Turkish coffee, one finds everything here, under one roof. Turkey is blessed with a magnificent coastline and an amazing Turkey property. The Mediterranean Sea offers spectacular views. The real estate in Turkey is, therefore, a flourishing industry.

Tourism in Turkey has seen a steep rise in the recent years. Being the midpoint of Asian, European and African continents, Turkey has a varied culture just like its diverse demography.  Fethiye, Zeugma, Kemer, Side, and Belek are some of the most popular tourist destinations. Not only that, the property in Turkey has something to offer to almost every type of tourist.

A water sport lover can choose to sail, raft, deep dive or go yachting. Surf board lovers can indulge in wind surfing along the coasts of Aegean and Marmara seas. For the nature lovers, there is a plethora of options with beautiful and abundant flora and fauna. Nature enthusiasts can go hiking in the Belgrad forests in Istanbul, or the seven lakes in the city of Bolu. For curious minds, the caves in Karst region are the best option. Parachuting, trekking and camping are the other popular activities in Turkey.

A robust tourism plan to suit the needs of every tourist is the backbone of the tourism industry in Turkey. Concept tourism provides tourism options from Congress tourism to youth tourism, ecotourism and health tourism.

Hence, the beachfront villas for sale in Turkey and the beach front apartments for sale in Turkey are the main attractions of the real estate in Turkey. Owning a property in Turkey is a good proposition as, currently, the apartments are available at comparatively low prices than the other European locations.

Villas for sale in Turkey is a safe bet as they not only provide a 100% return on an investment over a period of 3 years, but also give an excellent rental income option.Turkey,ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in 2011with over 31.5 million foreign tourists visiting Turkey.

The real estate experts predict that with the increase in population in Turkey there will be a steep rise in the real estate in Turkey making the beachfront villas and apartments very expensive. With new regulations of no residential property within a 100 metre distance from the sea, the beachfront properties are scarce. The boat and yachting industry is rapidly developing at about a 12% increase every year. Therefore, beachfront properties in Turkey are in great demand. According to real estate experts, apartments for sale in Turkey can cost up to 85,000 Euros. There are many options in independent house segment with many villas for sale in Turkey which may cost anything from 250,000 Euros to 500,000 Euros or more depending on the location, and the size of the property.

With the concept of a second home or a vacation home gaining momentum, Turkey is a perfect choice. Known as the nation with the 15th largest GDP, excellent road, rail and air connectivity, flourishing industries with the automotive industry, being the 16th largest producer, Turkey is a destination on every tourist’s wish list.

It would be a good idea, then, to consider real estate in Turkey and choose from a variety of apartments for sale in Turkey!! Picture this!! A property in Turkey, a beachfront villa for sale in Turkey, which offers ecstatic sublime sea views, a gym facing the beach, a cosy sit out overlooking the beach, to sip that perfect Turkish coffee while enjoying the different hues of the distant horizon need not necessarily be a dream!! You can own one such house in Turkey too!