Property in Alanya , Apartment and Villas for sale in Alanya

  • 80.000

    Alanya Fully Furnished Penthouse

    A penthouse property in Alanya has come up for sale in the Kargicak area. The penthouse has 3 bedrooms, a living room, bathrooms and a terrace and the size of this House in...

    145 sq.m. 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 245.000

    Alanya Villa for Sale in Kargicak

    This 3-bedroom Villa-house for sale in Alanya is in the Kargicak locality. Besides the 3 bedrooms, the 160square meter house in Alanya has a spacious living room, 3...

    160 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 165.000

    Furnished Penthouse in Alanya for Sale

    Here’s an opportunity to buy a 230square meter 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in Alanya. The kitchen is of American type, with complete storage facilities and the...

    230 sq.m. 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 62.500

    Top Quality Apartments in Oba Alanya

    In this 5 storey residential tower there are apartments available for sale and these Apartments in Alanya are of 1+1 and 2+1 types and there are some 3 bedroom units...

    61 - 137 sq.m. 1+1 - 2+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 73.000

    Modern Apartments in Alanya for Sale

    There are some top class and latest construction Apartments in Alanya in the Kestel locality. There are many flats for sale in Alanya in a 5 storey complex. The choice is...

    63 - 146 sq.m. 1+1 - 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 115.000

    Alanya Villa 2 Bedrooms Plus on Sale

    Sometimes you can find a residential property that offers best of both, the size and price of an apartment and the exclusive privacy of a villa. This 158square meter...

    130 sq.m. 2+1 Villas Alanya
  • 0

    Fully Furnished Villa for Sale in Tepe

    If you wish to invest in Alanya , there’s this lovely villa being offered for sale. This 3 bedroom villa is located in the Tepe area and has a built-up space of...

    220 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 189.000

    3+1 Villa in Alanya with Multiple Views

    This is a property you can invest in Alanya since it is a large 200square meters Villa-house for sale and has 3 bedrooms, a living room and 3 bathrooms. There are also 2...

    200 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 160.000

    Villa in Alanya – 4+1 Fully Furnished

    A Villa-house for sale in Kargicak, Alanya in 4+1 type and 195square meters in size is being reviewed here. The villa has been built on a 468square metres plot and built...

    195 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 49.900

    Apartment In Mahmutlar Alanya

    A nice 2 bedroom apartment measuring 104square meters is offered for sale in Alanya . The apartment is on the 6 h floor of the building and has a living room, 2 bathrooms and...

    115 sq.m. 2+1 Apartments Alanya

Alanya is a small district in the city of Antalya, Turkey. This district has developed with a rapid pace over the years, as once only known for its beaches and ancient architecture, Alanya has now successfully established itself as a city where property in Alanya has taken a boost. Cheap apartments in Alanya are available for those who wish to have an ordinary life, and other huge and expensive villas are available for those who desire a plush lifestyle.

One of the major attractions that this city has depicted is the institution of beachfront apartments here in Alanya. Given the fact that Alanya is a small town, and not even a medium sized city, this achievement by the Alanya property is commendable. The beautiful beach resorts have always successfully attracted tourists from all over the globe, but the establishment of beach view apartments is something that has increased this pleasant experience two folds.

Although buying affordable and cheap apartments in Alanya is in itself a great feeling, and a decision you’ll never regret, but the availability of sea view apartments in Alanya is an experience worth a fortune. People from all over the world have been inspired by the natural beauty of this small district, and thus the real estate has touched the sky limits.

Many people believe in the theory of having your own home on the vocational spot that you would love to visit again and again. This is one of the main reasons that people buy properties in Alanya. Including all kinds and sizes of houses, Alanyafurther makes it even more viable to buy a house here. Cheap homes, as well as Villas in Alanya are the most preferred holiday homes.

The one with the mind of an investor, would buy beachfront apartments in Alanya, and even if they are away for the most of the year, that is, residing at the place whose they are natives of, they can still rent their apartment in Alanya. This way, you get to earn handsome income while you are just making an initial investment, whose every penny is worth it. Considering the number of foreign tourists coming every year, the number of people who would love to stay in a sea view apartment in Alanya would be definitely high.

Apart from the attractions like these, there is something astonishing about this town. Alanya offers all kinds of fun filled sports activities like, fishing, diving, go karting, and many others. So young and enthusiastic people love to get indulged in such activities that many vocational spots fail to offer. Keeping this in mind, one can buy properties in Alanya and make a complex on it that offers all such activities under one roof. This is another smart investment to make, given the fact that this idea will prove to be beneficial in the long run as well.

Now that we have enlisted all the implications of having your own house in Alanya, the choice is completely yours, choose wisely