• 80.000

    Alanya Fully Furnished Penthouse

    A penthouse property in Alanya has come up for sale in the Kargicak area. The penthouse has 3 bedrooms, a living room, bathrooms and a terrace and the size of this House in...

    145 sq.m. 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 245.000

    Alanya Villa for Sale in Kargicak

    This 3-bedroom Villa-house for sale in Alanya is in the Kargicak locality. Besides the 3 bedrooms, the 160square meter house in Alanya has a spacious living room, 3...

    160 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 160.000

    Villa in Alanya – 4+1 Fully Furnished

    A Villa-house for sale in Kargicak, Alanya in 4+1 type and 195square meters in size is being reviewed here. The villa has been built on a 468square metres plot and built...

    195 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 115.000

    131 Square Meters LUXURY Apartment in SEAFRONT of Kargiak Alanya

    The apartment is part of a 20-apartment residential complex in the Kargicak locality of Alanya and each of these apartments in Alanya have been constructed with great care...

    131 sq.m. 2+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 65.000

    NEW COMPLEX / SEAFRONT Luxury Complex in Kargicak / Alanya

    On sale is a 1+1 apartment in Alanya with a living space of 76square meter and the flat is being offered in a completely furnished condition. The residential complex is a...

    76 sq.m. 1+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 169.000

    Beautiful Villa for Sale in Alanya

    This Villa-house for sale , built in 2005 but remodeled recently, is being offered to prospective buyers of properties and those who wish to invest in Alanya . The villa has...

    250 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 130.000

    A Newly Renovated Villa in Kargicak Alanya

    A premium property in Alanya has come for sale. This is a luxury 3+1 duplex Villa with some exclusive features and facilities. This house in Alanya has a living space of...

    250 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 110.000

    One Detached Villa for Sale in Alanya

    A dream villa within a residential complex is being offered for sale in the Kargicak locality in Alanya. This house in Alanya has 180square meters of space built over 2...

    180 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 140.000

    Villa in Alanya at Prime Location

    Looking for Villa-house for sale in Alanya? Here’s a 3+1 villa 180square meter in size and built on 2 levels. At the first level on the ground floor, there is one...

    180 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 340.000

    Two New Villas in Kargicak to be built

    This is an offer for build as you go for a couple of villas on adjacent plots, and the builders will construct and hand over the properties after the purchase is concluded,...

    224 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya