• 949.000

    This Villa is For the Connoisseur: Here, Big is Beautiful

    This is a large property for sale. This Alanya villa is really huge, 1388 Sq. meters of area and 780 Sq. meters of living space, 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms...

    780 sq.m. 5+1 Villas Alanya
  • 829.000

    Artistically Designed Villas in Alanya

    This villa-house for sale has marvelous architecture. Siting so majestically, overlooking the sea, the buyer of this house in Alanya will love spending the holidays perhaps...

    600 sq.m. 6+1 Villas Alanya
  • 410.000

    Panoramic sea views with exotic Alanya villa

    The modern beach villa, with total area of 500 metre square, is up for sale. The villa offers superb, panoramic sea views and mountain views and has been designed to offer the...

    500 sq.m. 4+1 Villas Alanya
  • 369.000

    Alanya Villas – Great Location

    These are new generation flats in Alanya reflecting the most modern styles in design and construction and they boast of extraordinarily shaped houses and the offer here is...

    150 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 348.000

    Villa in Kargicak/Alanya

    There’s no substitute for living in the tempting private residences of Villas in Alanya Kargicak with a Panoramic Sea View. All these dwellings have an incomparable...

    500 sq.m. 3+1 - 4+1 Villas Alanya
  • 340.000

    Two New Villas in Kargicak to be built

    This is an offer for build as you go for a couple of villas on adjacent plots, and the builders will construct and hand over the properties after the purchase is concluded,...

    224 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 310.000

    Luxury Villa in Kargicak - Alanya for Sale

    If you have plans to buy a property and invest in Alanya you will not get a better opportunity than this. This is about a 300  2 Meters villa house for sale, and it is...

    300 sq.m. 4+1 Villas Alanya
  • 279.000

    Dream home in Alanya with stunning views of the Mediterranean

    Beautiful villa with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Located in Kargıcak / Alanya. The villa was built in 2005 and has been owned by the same family...

    250 sq.m. 3+1 Villas Alanya
  • 275.000


     Turkey is one among the best destinations where one can spend a vacation. There are many villas for sale in Alanya that will fulfill your desire of spending a dream...

    220 - 284 sq.m. 3+1 - 4+1 Villas Alanya
  • 269.000

    Villa for Sale in Alanya – Choose That Royal Lifestyle

    If your preference is for a standalone sophisticated villa over an apartment, then your search for such a property should end here. These House in Alanya are simply out of...

    226 sq.m. 4+1 Villas Alanya