• 62.500

    Top Quality Apartments in Oba Alanya

    In this 5 storey residential tower there are apartments available for sale and these Apartments in Alanya are of 1+1 and 2+1 types and there are some 3 bedroom units...

    61 - 137 sq.m. 1+1 - 2+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 67.000

    Stunning Luxury Apartments in Alanya/Oba

    Any description for these houses for sale in Alanya would be incomplete without the words, luxury, vacation and relaxation. The developers and builders of this residential...

    65 - 220 sq.m. 1+1 - 5+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 124.000

    Best Set of Apartments coming up in Alanya

    In the popular property destination of Oba in Alanya, a modern residential project is under construction and the builders expect to deliver the houses in 2017. The 4 stories...

    100 - 192 sq.m. 2+1 - 4+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 99.000

    Fully Furniced 4th Floor Penthouse Apartment in OBA - Alanya

    If you love the nice and luxurious penthouses on top of high rise residential buildings, this property in Alanya could excite you. This house is on top of a 4 story block and...

    135 sq.m. 2+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 165.000

    Apartments and Duplex Penthouses in Alanya

    A brand new residential complex has just been completed and there are many types of flats for sale in Alanya in this complex. If you are looking to invest in Alanya in good...

    140 - 250 sq.m. 2+1 - 4+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 229.000

    Furnished Duplex Penthouse for Sale in OBA-Alanya

    If you plan to invest in Alanya in a high end property, then this is a very good option. This duplex type penthouse has 4 bedrooms and a living room and 3 bathrooms. The 3...

    173 sq.m. 4+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 100.000

    Alanya Beach Residences – Good Property to Invest In

    There are in all 31 apartments in different configurations for sale in this complex close to the Mediterranean Sea. If you had the idea to invest in Alanya , perhaps, this is...

    93 - 160 sq.m. 2+1 - 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 89.000

    Penthouse Apartment in OBA Near to Beach –Top Class Condition

    If you were keen to buy an apartment in Alanya , Turkey, here’s an opportunity. There is an apartment for sale in Alanya in a residential complex, just 50 meters from...

    145 sq.m. 3+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 59.000

    52 luxury apartments,Chosse Your Pick

    This is a set of apartments for sale in Alanya . They comprise a healthy mix of 52 apartments in all, in 1+1, 2+1 and a few duplex apartments in 4+1 configuration. The living...

    75 sq.m. 1+1 - 4+1 Apartments Alanya
  • 85.800

    Good Long Term Investment In Property

    An apartment in the Oba/Alanya region is available for sale. If you are keen on investing in Alanya in a property, this can be a good time to do so. This apartment in Alanya...

    165 - 400 sq.m. 3+1 - 5+1 Apartments Alanya