Properties in Istanbul - property in Istanbul

It is the economic, historical and cultural heart of Turkey. It is also the largest city in Turkey, which has a booming Istanbul property, with a population of over 17.1 million. Yes, we are talking about Istanbul, a transcontinental city whose cultural and commercial centre lies in Europe, but more than one third of its population resides in Asia. The Istanbul trait, named Bosphorus, the northwestern part of Turkey, is known as the busiest waterways in the world. The real estate in Istanbul, especially, the market for sea view apartments in Istanbul is at an all time high.

Investment in property in Istanbul can be a good decision simply because it is a yesteryear city which flourished under the rule of the Constantinople, built and rebuilt during the rule of the Ottoman and Turkish era. It is a metropolitan city with a vintage cultural heart. The influence of the yesteryear rulers has made this city a metropolis with mainly Islamic settlements which were revived during the Ottoman Empire. This city also has Christian and Roman settlements, though small in number, they still reside in this city. The architecture speaks volumes about the bygone era with heritage sites like, mosques, and churches in Istanbul.

Istanbul is also the second largest city in the world and the third largest city in the Middle East in terms of the population and area. The various urban development projects planned by the government, along with immense natural beauty in the form of Belgrad forests, spread across 14,000 acres, green areas or parks spread over an area of 120 acres, there is an increasing demand for properties in Istanbul.

There are wide investment options available in real estate in Istanbul.Sea view apartments in Istanbul, Independent villas in Istanbul,

Independent homes in Istanbul are most sought after especially by the youngsters as Istanbul offers a metropolitan lifestyle, luxury living and work environment. According to recent tourism survey, Istanbul is the fifth most visited cities with more than 11.6 million tourists. A luxurious 2BHK sea view apartment in Istanbul may cost around 70,000 to 120,000 Euros.

Owning one of these properties in Istanbul, is considered seriously by many tourists and recommended by many real estate experts, as, apart from an option of a vacation home it can also serve as an excellent rental income gainer. Tourism websites quote the monthly rate of sea view apartments in Istanbul from 3000 Euros onwards and up to 980 Euros per week.

Various suburbs in Istanbul like Bahchesehir, Cihangir, Esenyurt   are developing with individual investors taking the plunge in the real estate in Istanbul to tap the growth potential. Excellent water connectivity, Strategic positioning of Istanbul on the Silk Route, easy and safe living options attract the youngsters to the properties in Istanbul. Independent properties like villas for sale in Istanbul range from 500,500 Euros to 3,000,000 Euros or higher as per the size, location and the view of the villa.

With a host of well known educational institutes such as the Istanbul University, Marmara University, the increase in the influx of foreign students in Istanbul, and the rapidly growing tourism industry, real estate in Istanbul is sure to boom in the coming years. So invest your money and buy a house in Istanbul and get good returns.